Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Leyton graduated preschool!!!

Wahooooo! It is finally Leyton's turn to have a graduation. Todd was able to come to this one so that made it extra special. It was a nice presentation and you can't help but feel the pride swell in your chest. I love being a Mom!

Morgan turned 7

Morgan loves being the most important person for a day. At school she got to present her poster, which she made all by herself. I'm not sure anyone should ever give her a microphone. She looks a little too comfortable. She had a great party too.

Kirtland, OH

What an awesome visit we had to Kirtland!! There is too much to type about and too many pictures to choose from. It was very spiritual to visit these places and gain a better understanding of what life was like for the early saints. Plus, just being there in those rooms where incredible things took place. It was awesome! I will say that there is a noticeably different feeling in the Kirtland Temple. Something is missing and you can't quite get the full extent of it's significance. The Community of Christ church does a great job with it but it takes a very historical approach and isn't as much spiritual...for me atleast. What will that presentation be like when the church owns it again??
The Ashery

"Amish Country"

We stopped in Berlin,OH known as "Amish country" while we were on vacation. It was really cool and does make you think that it probably wouldn't be too bad to live a simpler life. Although I do worry about a buggy vs. car accident.
Here we are fishing,eating out at a really yummy local restaurant called "Theos" in Cambridge and relaxing.

Hopalong Cassidy museum

In Cambridge, OH there is a museum dedicated to the memory of the actor of Hopalong Cassidy. It was a t.v. show from back in the day. I have not actually seen it but Louis L'amour authored many of those books and I am a huge fan of his. How random that the small area of nowhere, USA happened to have this museum....and we were passing through. Only exciting for us and a million old people who watched the shows.
This is the room that we stayed in at the Pines Lakes Lodge.


This was in Salesville, OH at the Pine Lakes Lodge where we stayed 2 nights. It was beautiful!